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    Trane RTAA EXV problem

    Greetings all,

    I have a mess on my hands regarding a Trane RTAA 80 ton. Another company completley messed the unit up. They went trough the configuration of machine and just went nuts. I have fixed that along with some other issues. But here is the problem that I can not solve: The EXV on circuit 2 fails the electrical test on start up. Circuit 1 will also fault out on this fault from time to time. These are brand new EXVs along with the EXV board. I have been having problems ever since the valves were installed. I can run a diagnostic on the valves. I can see the plunger driving both ways. I have checked my connections a hundred times and even soldered where someone cut the cable.


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    Need a little more info than just your having problems with them! Pressures (verified not just front end), entering and leaving water temps also verified, start up %, shut down%. Just more info!!!
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    Get your pro membership, you have been a member since 2008, then we can talk shop.
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    What site is it at I would like to cheak it out.

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