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    Can someone tell me why it is not pheasable to have a residential solar refrigeration system? Thanks

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    ...the installed cost of a photovoltaic electric system is on the order of $8-$10 per Watt and AC (which, I assume is what you mean by "residential refrigeration") uses thousands of Watts while running.

    You do the math...

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    Anything is possible with the right amount of $$$ applied, but I know a standard joke in the solar community is that when the salesman starts talking about solar AC you should be running for the hills.

    That said I have given the idea some thought, and I see some possible ideas worth exploring, if I just had an investor ...

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    Not enough BTUs of cooling for the amount of solar heat you need to take in for an adsorption system, or the amount of PV panels you would need to run enough of a DX system. (To be more specific, it's *possible* but the first cost would be *insane*..)

    Solar is great in some climates for hot water though.

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