Havent seen this system in over a year. Carrier 50pq012, has seen a couple of burn outs till they figured out they had lost a phase. I got this work because no one could figure out why the evap was freezing during low outdoor ambient; sadly i could not either. second stage works fine. so I installed a freeze stat in series with the factory hp and lp cut outs with a manual reset to prevent short cycling. The weather has been cool and its not too convienient to reset it constantly. I'd like not to put an automatic reset with a delay on make to the cc eliminating the power down reset, but rather fix it once and for all. I will have more data when I have time to hook up my gauges. But at a glance I noticed the new compressor is Tecumseh agc5568axg not the carlyle ph6416af thats original. Could this compressor be the cause of the problem? Under or over capacity? carlyle lra 49 techumseh lra 75 seems too big but actually listed as 5.5 ton.