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    Can someone tell me whats the way to determine what to set the timer to? Maybe 90 minutes in the deep south, 30 minutes in the cold north and 60 minutes in between (like were I am in Baltimore area). Could I get a responses from from a few of you in different areas on what you set it to. Thanks

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    try 60 minutes. then watch to see that works well

    it depends on temperture and humidity in your area.

    Baltimore might need 30 min.,but you will have to see for youself

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    Heat Pump Defrost Timer Question

    Its my daughters unit, what do I tell her to look for? thanks

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    you tell her to have a preseason heat tune up done with attention and explanation to this detail. A tech in your area will know what it should be set at basically. good luck

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    Glad to see another Redskin fan on this board!

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