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    Here is the problem: I am building a home theater in my basement. Home theaters tend to easily get hot due to the heat from the projector. I plan on running two 6" supplies to the room and was hoping to also put a small return in the room. With where the room is located relative to the return plenum, joists, walls, supply plenum, etc, the only way I could put a return in the room is use flex duct to get there. Can flex duct be used to connect a return vent to the return plenum? (I understand a lot of people detest flexible ducts, but if I could use it for this application, it would save me alot of sweat, tears, and money!) Thanks

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    You can use it.

    Is the basement on its own zone or are you pulling from the 1st floor system?
    If you are using the 1st floor system you will have a very uncomfortable theatre and also will be robbing air from the 1st floor and cause problems up there also.

    Call a pro and don't do a hack job.

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