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    Hello, This is the first time I have posted a question on any webpage so I will try to include all the info I have. I installed a UGPL 2-stage 100,000 Furnace , the coil is a RCSA-048 and the Condenser is a UAND-048. Against my better judgement we installed this in a house that had foam insulation blow on the roof and all exterior walls. I also installed a Honeywell Vison Pro 8000 with a Humidistat Dial installed on the wall next to the T-stat. The fan motor doesn't kick into high speed, like the ODD is overiding the thermostat and staying at a low CFM. That is the problem that is causing this unit to freeze. The way I have it wired is like this; T-stat: Green to G, Red to R and jumpered to one side of Humidisat, Black to W2, White to W1, Blue to Y2 and jumpered to other side of Humidistat, Yellow to Y and Brown to Common. On the Furnace it is: Green to G, Brown to C and jumpered to one side of 24 VAC outside, White to W1, Black to W2, Red to R, Yellow to Y and jumpered to other side of 24 VAC outside and Blue to ODD. I can take all the wires off and jumper Red, Green and Yellow together with the Blue from ODD and the fan still stays in a low speed, wired like that the fan should go into high speed no matter what, according to the guy who makes the crap. So I replaced the fan motor and ECM module like he says and no luck. What gets me is that when I started the unit up 2 months ago wired like mentioned earlier it worked with no problems. So that tells me that it is wired right, but I still think that it could be the problem. Did I mention that I replaced both control boards and the thermostat, not my idea but I was fresh out. I have installed maybe 20 of these systems just not with a Humidistat, so anybody installed one of these before that can point me in the right direction? Thanks

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