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    same with the W973 used in all sorts of staging application and easy to troubleshoot...then that W7900(wet version of the W7100) Honeywell/Trane marriage was mint on the air cooled/water cooled recip chillers CGAC/CGWC.
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    Originally posted by NormChris

    The W7100 has been around for a long time. I have always liked it. Many technicians have trouble with it because they don't understand the control, how it functions and how to utilize it.

    I don't understand why some here don't care for it. Even though Honeywell no longer makes the control there are many thousands of them still in service.
    Oh. I understood them well enough, I could use them blind folded. They became a pride point along with all the other Honeywell controls, singlezone, multizone... But they're outdated and there are better ways of controlling today than an over 20 year old Honeywell controller. That's like trying to post on HVAC-Talk with a Commador 64.

    The problem, especially back then, since I worked start-up and service for a manufacturer, was trying to get it to sink into the customer's/contractor's heads, and then add a remote reset and changeover, etc They'd call every second day and since I did all of Eastern Canada then and communications weren't as they are today, it was a weird time. No user understood the concept of reset ratio or throttling range, etc. Contractors threatened to rip them out, customers just hated the lack of control(nothing they understood enough to play with) and there were so few manufs using them at the time. They just didn't know enough about them and reading the 50 page manual was too much for an operator to get into. Bathroom reading... only if you wanna fall asleep on the toilet.
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