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    CPS CC50 Scale Help!

    The other day i was charging a unit while it was raining really hard.... i forgot to dry it off and put it back in my truck. A few days after i went to get my scale and found that there was alot of water still stuck inside of the digital screen. I left it out in the sun to dry off. When i came back it looked like some thin plastic layer dried off really bad and i couldnt see the digital numbers on my screen anymore. I opened up the remote and removed the plastic layer and now i cant see anything. The plastic layer that i removed is what gives the screen contrast. If i hold the plastic peice to my eye and look at the remote I can see the numbers on the screen. Took get to my point. Has this happend to anyone else? Can i get that thin plastic peice from CPS? I went on CPS' website and couldnt find anything. Ill email them and call tomorrow to get some answers but for the time being i figured id come here and see if i can get some feedback!

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    It's a polarizing film. What's the reason you can't use the piece you just took out?

    You'll have to find a LCD bigger than that one and take the part. Rotate into place until you get the result you want, then trim it.

    Or get polarizing film on eBay.. it looks like car window tinting film. If it doesn't work, oh well. The loss is minimal.

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    The piece i took out when it dried it shrunk to 1/3 of its original size. Thanks for the info though! I was wondering what that stuff was called. Very usefull info. Ill prob just buy some from ebay now

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