(First post here, please let me know if this is the wrong form)

I own a home and is looking at replacing heating and cooling. I need to relocate my condenser unit when I replace the unit to fit with the new city-code that the unit must be 5-ft from the fence.

I have been given various options by vendors, one of which includes a Bryant Compact unit by which I can still fit it in the original spot (and be 5ft away from fence).

I have plenty of space in the backyard and relocating the new unit there is not too expensive, except for having the ugly thing spoil the look of otherwise clean backyard. The non-compact option is a Trane TR13 unit in the backyard.

Question: Is it wise to opt for the smaller unit and stick to the side yard? Am I looking at maintenance issues down the line because the unit is somewhat non-standard? Any comments on Bryant Compact vs Trane TR13 reliability? power?

Any help is appreciated.