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    13 SEER vs. 16 SEER Heat Pump

    My wife and I recently retired, and are moving from northern IL to the beach area of southeastern DE. We're in the process of building a house there, and it will be completed by October. The lower area of DE doesn't have natural gas yet -- only propane -- which is very expensive.

    The builder has offered us an option of having a "duel fuel" HVAC system installed, consisting of a Trane heat pump and gas furnace. Having lived in the South before, I'm inclined to go with that option.

    He's offering us 2 sizes: a 13 SEER and a 16 SEER. I'm still fuzzy on the advantages of having a larger unit, even after reading numerous articles on the internet; would appreciate any professional advice and explanations. Our home has 2 floors, is approximately 3,100 sq. ft., and has a footprint climate- controlled crawlspace with a concrete base.

    The Trane model nos. are as follows:

    For the 13 SEER unit:
    T4TWB3060B1000B Heat Pump Condenser
    TTUH1D120A9601A Gas Furnace
    T4TXCD064BC3HCB Coil

    For the 16 SEER unit:
    T4TWX3060B1000B Heat Pump Condenser
    TTUH2D120A9V5VA Gas Furnace
    T4TXCD064BC3HCB Coil

    I've had Trane HVAC systems before, and they've been very reliable. Any professional opinions regarding the above items? We don't have a choice of manufacturers.

    Thanks for any assistance!

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    The SEER ratings have nothing to do with "size" instead the higher the number, the greater the efficiency. I'm not familiar with Trane's model numbers so someone else can comment on the match up. It looks like you've got a 5 ton H.P. with a 120k gas furnace. The 16 SEER unit will probably be a variable speed furnace with 2 stage heat pump. Is each floor going to have a zoned ductwork system? If not, then the upper floor may have problems cooling to a comfortable level with only one unit. Is the ductwork in the ceiling between the floors or in the crawlspace beneath home. If in the crawl, then how is the ductwork getting up to the 2nd floor?

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    Recheck your mdl number on the HP condenser-2nd quote.

    The furnace quoted on the second quote is the XV95. It is offered in the 100 KBTU model with a 5 ton rated blower, rather than the 120 KBTU model that was quoted. That should be plenty of BTUs and would be my choice.

    I would recommend zoning controls since this will be a two story with one system. Yes, this would add cost but give you the comfort you will be looking for.

    You will need a good DF thermostat with sensor that has true staging of the furnace. I would also want a good pleated filter media cabinet.


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    With rpopane, you definitely want dual fuel. Evne with natural gas in that mid-atlantic climate, tis' till a good option. You're not in the South however.

    Did they do a load calculation? 5 tons and 100k BTU could be a little big for that size home and that climate, but not a lot. IF you go with a zone system, you can oftne size down a little and take advantage of longer run times, expecuially wwhen only a single zone is calling at night. FOr a zone system you want 2 stage equipment... whci hwould be 16 or 18 SEER.

    Trane's XL16i heatpump with a XV95 furnace is a nice pricepoint. The modulating furnace si even better, but with duel fuel, you won't benefit as much since at lower heating loads it will be on the heatpump. WIth rpopane, you're balance point will be based on equipment capacity, not fuel costs. With natural gas, your balance point may increase a little.

    For a retirement home that you'll be living in 24 hours a day... spend the extra on comfort, you'll be glad you did. GO with 2 stage and a zone system.

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    If it is the 120K furnace and 63 coil, the only match, it is 14.00 SEER, not 16! HSPF is a pathetic 8.00. With the 100K furnace, HSPF is 7.70, the minimum allowed by law. Really sad with what you'll pay for that 15i. It is 2 stage like the 16i BTW for all the 2 stage obsessed out there.

    The 1st bid doesn't even appear on AHRI, it may fall below 13 SEER. I only find it rated with a furnace that has an ECM high efficiency motor.

    For the 16i fans, that would get 14.50 and a piddly 8.2 HSPF. Cooling is 53K, heating a lousy 50K.

    How about something besides a Trane

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    Tigerdunes -- yep, you're right...correct no. for the 2nd condenser should read:
    T4TWX6060B1000B. Good eye! And thanks for the advice!

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    Even the 16i doesn't have impressive numbers as I listed.

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    Wahoo -- good question -- I'll e-mail the builder and ask him about the zoning. Thanks!

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    Ak about the Bryant extreme or carrier greenspeed duel fuel

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    Thanks, Bald -- hmnmm...will talk to the builder about that.

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