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    Calling all pro members

    I would like to open up a discussion of residential and commercial geothermal in regard to:

    "the business afiliation between the driller/looper and the HVAC industry"

    While it is not impossible for one to exist without the other, it is more common that the HVAC industry subs out the Geo portion of a geothermal heat pump project to a partner industry proffesional in the form of a well driller or looper.

    While the HVAC industry has a pile of credentials and certs that the EPA and others require the well drillers and loopers are held to a different standard that is in most cases universally accepted.

    Those credentials include liscenses to perform the said work in the states in which they operate and more commonly a designer installer ticket from IGSHPA ( international ground source heat pump association).

    My premise would be that you can not have one without the other. It is a marrige of the two trades in a simbiotic relationship, not one that is parasitic by either trade.

    So what is the consensus of the other pro members that have had or do resi-or commercial geo. " Is the well driller/looper affiliated with the HVAC industry or not?)

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