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    have spent the last couple days reading Trane technical documentation on the programming of Comfort-R, not only the installer/tech manuals but the actual factory training material. I also am compiling the developer material for the control board programming to understand it better.

    one thing that is not entirely clear to me is how and what interaction occurs with thermostats which control via time delay functions the activation or deactivation of Stages.

    many of Comfort-R's own tricks include time relay functions in the control board. thus, I'm pondering what detriment it may be if another type of control, namely the actual startup of a stage, is handled by an intelligent thermostat?

    for example, my own use of the climatouch on my XL19i is currently setup to run at least 55 minutes of Stage 1 and only then activate Stage 2 (if needed). does that negate some of the 3-minute, 7-minute, parameters for Comfort-R or are these deprecated to only being active upon Stage 2 going on-line?

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    That's exactly what it'll do. By incorporating the climatouch you are negating what comfort R is supposed to do for you. Remember, Tstat always overrides the control board.

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    I've been tracking the actual CFM results on mom's new installation and it appears that Comfort-R (switches 5&6) is being applied during the startup of Stage 1. Since mom also has a smart thermo and BK is getting signaled from the thermo (relay is open, BK gets no power when RH% is above set point), it does the ramping up during Stage 1.

    That kind of surprised me although I should have understood it that way from the documentation as I mistakenly thought the CFM's at 80% of max (depending on dip switches) would have applied both in Stage 1 & 2

    Maybe someone will correct me on this (please do)

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