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    5Ton Trane Hypurion issues

    I had a 5ton Hyperion non communicating system installed in Aug of last year and have issued since day 1.

    Day 1- Main board was bad, Fixed, than board on outdoor unit was bad- replaced.

    2 months in- System running 100% fan speed when ever there was a call for cooling- Stage 1 or 2 did not matter. Tech comes out opens cabinet door looks around closes it starts behaving.

    soon after- 100% fan speed again- tech comes out same thing opens door closes it fixes its self.

    soon after- Off noises in refrigerent lines- bubbling, swamp like noises you know the frog noises kind of like that-

    later on - Tech advises he things he found issue- Personality chip is for a 4ton model not a 5ton replaces 3 days later- No longer 100% fan speed issue but not can not keep humidity below 50% without hearing the outside unit running in 1st stage most of the time.

    Much later on- complain about that, tech comes out cant find anything wrong- I ask about the line noises he doesnt know thinks its ok.

    Present day- Noises in line set and when compressor starts its really loud to begin with than quietes down about 10seconds in- Does this on 1st and 2nd stage.

    Help me guys- Did my A/C company screw my system over by installing the wrong persoanlity chip, does it have something to do with the electronic expansion valve.

    Next ? since my unit is around 8months old can I have another Trane dealer take a look and diagnose under warranty

    Thank You,

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    Ok let's start from the top. What is outdoor and indoor model numbers? What t-stat do you have? As far as warranty goes did you buy extended warranty? You can have any Trane dealer review over the system but if you did not buy the extended warranty then your installer is properly covering the first year as most of us do for 1 year.

    If another company does come out and you don't have extended warranty they would have to charge you for labor. The parts should be covered for 10 years if registered and if not 5 years. I would suggest you give your current company a little more time to figure out the problems as they are working with you.

    The new Trane air handler (which I like) has had a few issues but nothing series since released. You might have one of the models with the problems that have not been corrected yet. I would suggest to your dealer/installer to get Trane field tech involved. He or she will no what needs to be done to resolve the issue.

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    Thank you for the response.

    Air Handler- AM7A0C60H51SA
    Compressor- 4TTZ0
    Relay Panel- BAY24VRPAC52DA
    Tstat- XL950 comfortlink

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    So you have a XL20i matched with tam7 air handler with XL 950 t-stat. Might I ask why they didn't install a comm. Unit? Just curious??? It could be a setting on t-stat or something not wired right with relay panel? Has the installer checked all the wiring to be sure set up right?

    Also what did he say about getting a Trane field tech it with him. As I am only guessing at this point! It could be a number of things causing the system not to work properly! Also would suggest to the installer to check door latchs and terminal block where t-stat wire comes into air handler for possiable lose connections!

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