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    I had a Carrier Infinity system installed last fall and I've gotta tell you, the heating season was friggin sweeet.

    Great temperature, humidity was perfect and sound levels were wonderful. However, the cooling season has been a bit more of a hassel.

    Last night, the outdoor temperature when I got home was 76 and I was trying to cool the house to 74 with the humidity level set right in the middle. The machine ran for 5 hours! Eventually, the outdoor temp was 67 and I was trying to cool to 73 and I finally said screw it, turned it up to 74 and went to bed.

    What's going on?

    I checked out recent faults on the t stat and it said there have been 29 low pressure switch events. Is that a problem?

    I was also wondering if the placement of the the humidifier could be a problem. It is placed above the furnace so I can open it and see the coil. When it is very humid, as it has been recently, the outside of the humidifier and the supply that connects it to the return side, get covered in condensation (even though the damper is closed.). It seems to be inturrupting the return of cold air to the living space.

    I have a damper controlled AprilAire fresh air intake that I keep closed whenever the temp gets above 80. (I wish AprilAire let me set temps and humidity levels instead of just time intervals.)

    I had a Manual J and blower door test done and ended up downsizing from a 3 ton unit to a 1.5 ton unit. I understand the need for it to run for dehumidification but, this seems extreme.

    Any thoughts?

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    Low pressure switch ,sounds like it may be low on refrigerent,or lacking air flow for some reason,causing the pressure switch to open.

    I'd call them for service ASAP(weekend approaching)and ask about that humidifier duct,cold air is traveling thru causing the sweating.

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    Thanks Dash.

    I've contacted the service dept. and they'll be out tomorrow. I told them it was cooling okay but they insisted on coming out immediately. Gotta like that. It's supposed to be in the mid 90's by Sunday and they don't want anything to break before then.

    I just wanted some knowledge before they started. I hate being completely in the dark.

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    Problem found

    Not sure it's fixed.

    Unit was down 1.75 lbs. of Puron. But they don't know if it was never charged correctly or if there is a leak. Man this company costs themselves a lot of extra $$$.

    This is not a complaint. It's just a little rant. Good help sure is hard to find.

    Initally, they came out and did a manual J. Thenn they came out and did a blower door test (for $200 that was able to be applied to the cost of a purchase). Then they came out and measured. Then they partially installed the furnace. Then they finished the furnace install. Then the fresh air damper didn't work. (They came out 3 times to fix it.) Then they had to come out to finish the AC install, (it was too cold initally to run the unit.). Now they came out to fix the cooling problem only to set themselves up for yet another service call on why the unit was low in the first place.

    My home is 32 miles from their shop!

    Plus they installed insulation in the attic and one of the guys put his foot through my freshly painted 20' ceiling. ($500 to repaint the ceiling and repair the damage.)

    They have done really nice work. Mastic on the joints, the little bit of foil tape they used was neatly applied, the sheet metal work is really pretty and I am very happy. The owner is a super guy that always returns calls and really tries to make sure everything is running great.

    But, his guys keep hanging him out to dry. Good luck to all in business for yourselves. No one cares about your business like you do.


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