i was working on this master-bilt 3 door reach in freezer. the compressor would over amp and shut down on overload. checked all start components they all match specs. its rated for 208/230 volts drawing 9.9 max rla start up comp. its drawing 11.5 amps 185 volts at compressor. at one point the volts dropped down to 140 and amps shot up to 40. hmmmm ok power supply problem. breaker is new they had all there electrical panels up graded roughly a year ago. maybe the wiring so i got the voltage from the reach in next to it. same issue. boss says it has to be the comp. but he likes to wing everything so i remove comp take it home and open her up. the stator was all grined up so was the rotor from sagging. winding was not burnt. install new comp runs like a champ. my question is why would the voltage drop so low. it was almost like the compressor would draw high amps and suck down the voltage or it could be lack of voltage increased the amps is more logic but then why didnt the issue remain with new comp if it was electrical then. by the way new comp was an exact replacement, its been about 3 weeks so far so good. im stumped on this though