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    Indoor coil model number

    I think this should be my last question regarding my estimates for AC/heat pump.

    So far, I have 3 estimates to replace my a/c unit to work with my existing 12 yr old 80% efficient furnace. None of our estimates have included the actual model # of the indoor coil. Is this normal?

    Doesn't the combination of the coil to unit impact the efficiency of the system? Of course, this is holding a TON of other variables constant.

    Again, thanks for your advice folks!

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    Yes, the coil match up determines efficiency also.
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    So shouldn't I be told the coil model that will be installed with my unit?

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    Thank you for confirming what I thought. I found it odd that none of the estimates included the coil model numbers. I was wondering if it was me and that I was expecting more than I should. Thanks for giving me some added confidence.

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    We don't but it would be wise. If not a same mfr. coil, may not be able to register the system for the 10 year parts warranty too.

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    I list the all model numbers of equipment to be installed along with btus, seer rating etc... This way the customer sees what they are getting plus I list ahri number for the match up so if the customer wants to research it they can.

    There are other companies that don't do this due to the way there estimates sheets are for good, better best selections. I just designed a estimate sheet that allows me to write all model numbers down. Another thing I have found by doing this is that it cuts down on the problem with making sure the right equipment is pulled/ordered for the job.

    You have people that don't care about the listing of model numbers and the ones that want it written down to see what they are getting. As stated if you want the model number listed let your contractor know this is important to you. He souls not have a problem giving you this info.

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