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Thread: What a day!

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    For the past week I have been working with a customer that has a failed degreasing chiller. It's a Copeland Semi 460/3 phase with 502. Had to order the new compresser in special and was told overnight FedX would be around $150. I wanted as close to a drop in refrig as possible so stayed with 408a so I didn't have to worry about the residual oil.

    Compressor came in Tuesday and picked it up. Shipping $389! Didn't say a word as the customer is still off line and I can argue later.

    Recovered the 502, changed out all the dryers, which are hard to get to, and got the system ready for the new compressor.

    Installed it this morning, pulled a really good evac on the system including a 250 nitrogen pressure test all night last night. System is tighter then a tick on a dog.

    Get the compressor all hooked up and droped the charge in the system to about 80% or so. Turn the system on and off it runs chilling like there is no tomorrow.

    Walk to the next room to tell the vice president his system is up and running and he can start loading the tank. Walk back into the room and everything looks good cept the compressor paint smells hot. Start checking around and it shuts off on thermal. Somethings not right after about 5 minutes of running.

    Checked the voltage first thing and one leg is gone. Check the new compressor terminal and L2 is shorted to ground. Compressor is 5 minutes old!!!!!!!!

    Call the distrubutor for another and he tells me I have to buy a new one again cause Copeland won't exchange until they get the new (old) one back!

    So customer is out of business for another week, I make the counter guy verify actual shipping costs for 3 days shipping - $150 UPS, and I am going through the roof cause Copeland seems like they could care less. I just know it's going back to the factory so they can say it was a field fault.

    On the other side, I get a call from an office building owner that has an old Carrier Flotronic that I have had the pleasure to work on for about 5 years now. Started out all 4 condernsor fans would not work for an entire summer cause the previous contractor installed 240 volt contactor coils when the control voltage is 120.

    To make a long, long story short with this system, stage 2 got some serious leaks that could not be found. Ends up big leak around seal at EXV, not available anymore, still works and only leaks so I epoxyed it closed. Doesn't leak anymore and got the system up and running for first time in 2 years.

    But new error code shows up stating outlet temp of chiller barrel is higher then inlet. Owner replaced the control board so I figured he reversed the sensors.

    He called and said he actually replaced the cilled water pump last year and put in in backwards. He fixed it today and the chiller is running fine. At least that story is a happy ending.

    I am just about ready to not ever use a Copeland compressor again. Maybe they will warranty this but I think there might be a fight that is about to take place...I hope not. I have way to much to do and I always though Copeland to be a good product.
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    I had one problem with a copeland can once 208230 3ph put in a wshp started charging 5 mins in its going out on thermal ol - comp not hot, monitored amps 1/2 of rla dang we figure it was mis labeled and was 575v or 460v 3 ph

    supplier gave us new can and credited labour too they got it back from copeland - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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    That's a suck-ass day for sure.
    Tomorrow is Friday, go out and party, things could be worse, the sun could be burning out and then someones A/C won't seem so important, will it??
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