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    Originally posted by martik
    Where could I purchase a better hanger? Link?
    B-line. Scroll down about 5-6 pages for the pictures. They've got a bazillion different styles.
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    That looks plenty high above possible snow. If that's the case I'd add a foot to the intake and cut exhaust down to 90 up, 90 out, no need for clamp. Paint.

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    Install manual states that the exhaust must be 18" above intake in extremely cold climates and only 6" in milder climates. I am in the Seattle area. Is that considered mild?

    Is a screen required on the exhaust?

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    Couple thoughts

    1. happened to me, birds when in, air intake decreases, CO built up in combustion chamber. Furnace shut down.
    So consider screen to block animals from going in either port.

    You can use PVC screen similar to the one in the Right lower corner of this picture:
    Make sure the screen does not impeded the flow.

    2. check spec but the spacing between in and out pipes do not have to be that far apart. If exhaust made shorter, then no need for hanger.

    3. Cosmetic: if the look bothers you, consider painting it to match the siding.


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