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Play ball? You mean steal the election with $60 million dollars of negative attack ads that glorified the closing of public schools to create corporate schools? Attacked teachers and unions and FORGOT who caused the economic crisis? And blatant theft of money meant for homeowners affected by the shady mortgage practices?

Yeah, he's still a ****ing fascist.
Explain in detail who caused the sub-prime meltdown that led to our perpetual reccesion. Explain in detail how they did it.

I think everytime a leftist opens his mouth publicly the cumalative ignorance of the democrats is exposed.

If you don't feel like it I will but you may not like it. Ill leave out all of the political buzzwords and hyperbolic nonsense like calling people fascist.

Walker is drinking celabratory champagne and giving the activist idiots the finger. I love it.

You know how happy his win made Conservatives ? how sad it made liberals ? You should have seen that nut ball MSNBC commentator crying last night.