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    Sis has a hole in her coil about that size, still cools great. It's a WeatherKing with a cabinet, really trying to figger out how the mutt got his wiz up there. They don't even know whose dog did it.

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    I wouldn't even work on something like that

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    Quote Originally Posted by hearthman View Post
    Not sudden or accidental.

    Now, if you were to straight wire it to the panel without a breaker and hot wired the chassis, I'll bet it would be a shocking experience for any dod that hiked his leg on it.

    Seriously, can't you put some sort of fence or barrier btw the dod and the condenser?

    Come to think of it, what's a 'dod'?
    In 1982 i worked with this old man. I was 22 and he was, old. Like 62

    Any way he wired up an oil furnace transformer to a light switch by his front door. ran a tin wire from one side to some bushes and the other side to another set of bushes. When a dog came around.....well it was a sight!!!

    For the people here that has never worked on an oil furnace, that's 5000 volts per leg! Kinda like Frankenstein.
    As iron sharpens iron so one man sharpens another Proverbs 27:17 NIV84

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    My father used a oil furnace transformer once to stop a cat from using his flower planter as a bathroom. That cat jumped 6' high and was runing in mid-air, never did come back into the yard again!

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