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    which system to install ?

    hello-I am converting from oil to gas and am need to make a decision on which brand of a boiler to buy, or to just do an oil to gas burner conversion. This is by far the least expensive and will give me a one to two year payback.
    I have spoken with a few contractors and all have the 'best" system. So far the Navien CH240 is the best price but it is rated only at 91%. I am considering a Dunkirk VLT, and I just saw a Lochinvar/Knight WHN. Then there is Peerless, Triangle Tube, Buderus, Weil McLean Ultra, and---.
    My home has cast iron baseboard and 5 zone valves with 2 large circulating pumps. I also have an AMTROL hot water storage tank. I burned about 1400 gals of oil this past year. The current oil system is a Weil McLean gold 5.
    Can any of you give me some thoughts as to quality (or lack of) and reliability. Is the warranty time important ? Thanks

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    Proper installation and finding a company that will maintain the gas boiler are the first orders of business. Too many plumbers are all to happy to do the install but disappear quickly if any service needs are encountered. And be advised that despite anyone telling you to the contrary, all the modern gas boilers need annual service.

    That said, of the list you supplied, we've installed and had success with all on the list except the Peerless. We've not installed that one. Of the others, to date, they've all performed well with no unusual tack record of component failures. I prefer (personally) either the Navien, Knight or Triangle Tube Prestige boilers. Of those 3, the TTP maintains it's efficiency over a full season marginally better than the others due to it's different combustion chamber design that's somewhat 'self cleaning'. Otherwise, I'd go with the recommendation of the contractor you've selected who will install, maintain annually or semi-annually and be available for service repairs should they be needed. I worked on a Viessmann Vitodens gas boiler the other day. It was dead in the water. Why? No maintenance for starters and the crowning blow was a moth stuck in the system! Imagine a machine like that being stopped by a little old moth, albeit a dead moth! That was an expensive creature removal given that a little maintenance would have eliminated the problem.
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