With the spinal arthritis, I just can't keep doing physical work. I live in Petersburg, Tn., and am selling the whole kit-n-kabootle for only $8,500; a roto-brush alone would cost this much. But this is NOT an amature roto-brush! This is a professional pneumatic system with air whips, blowing/spinning brushes, etc., with a two stage 175 PSI honda powered compressor(with electric start). PLUS, another complete system with a variable speed, reversing motor with remote control that runs spinning cables and brushes. (I believe in being prepared). The negative pressure machine (vacuum), is made up of twin electric motors with matching blowers. If that alone isn't the bargain of the century, also included is my dual tandem 14' cargo TRAILER with extended heighth, complete brush sets and whips, rods, spinner balls, all vacuum hoses, cables, a fogging machine, duct camera with color monitor, dryer vent cleaning equipment, and a whole lot of other stuff. All is in excellent shape. This is a real pro outfit for a fraction of the cost. XXXXXXXXX.net I can e-mail photos if you like.

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