hello, i have a mobil kitchen that is permanantly parked at a local manufacturing plant, we also have a imperial 35 lb. fryer lp gas. not sure of the model,its a 95000 or 105000 btu, it has 3 burners and the outer 2 have black soot at the tops of them, the middle looks okay, when i light it the flame seems to go back toward the door a little.its leAVINF A BLACK SOOTY MARK ON THE OUTSIDE OF THE DOOR TOO, any help wil be appreciated...buck

Sorry, just made the cardnal rule in forum land did not search properly first...just read a thread down stream thisa one has yellow flame and there is a tube thing down where the burner slides over it this appears to be able to take off can i clean this or does it require pro. maintainance.? to clean burner can i just blow it out with compressed air? or should i wash it too? thanks in advance..Buck