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What is freedom? I live in a country where we have 'free' healthcare. I do not have to worry about some insurance company dropping me, loosing my job and loosing medical insurance, I can quite my job to pursue another career without worrying about medical coverage. You would see it as not having the freedom to choose if I have medical insurance or not. So which of these two options gives me the more freedom in my life?

Sorry, story from fantasy land. Little orphan would not think twice about the sandwich and will eat it as he is hungry. Methinks you may be stuck in a ideological fantasy land on this one.
Ya know Printer, this whole post tells me something that is IMO the cancer of society: Folks are more interested in debate than solutions. If a person really wanted to SOLVE the problem... they would research history to find what has worked and what has not... and act accordingly.

And the ones that debate the most (read that argue for the sake of arguing... like wressling a pig in the mud), are usually the liberals who really could care less if the problem is ever solved... as long as they get freebees at someone else's expense. Take away that safety net and lets see how fast folks go back to making responsible decisions.

However we all know the safety net will never go away as long as polecats can BUY votes with it... so I guess I will have to put up with worthless leaches on society... until the rest of us paying the bills gets sick of it and votes the crooked polecats out of office... which is gonna happen this fall.[/QUOTE]

Is this your Robo impression, sidestepping the question with misdirection? I (the liberal) am more interested in debating a problem than offering solutions? When I outlined the problem, 10 teaspoons of sugar in a 12 oz can of pop (almost one spoon per oz, multiply that by 30 - 40 ounces), part of the solution, reducing cup sizes as is the topic of the discussion. I explained that we are wired to consume more when more is placed in front of us and that the food industry uses this to exploit us for greater sales. I explained the health risks and the costs to society.

And you have offered what as a solution to the problem? Free choice? Give me a break.