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    Post A/C condenser used as refrigeration Condenser

    Sup! My boss is an old timer, he says we can use a 3 ton ac condenser in place of a refrigeration condenser, just needs a liquid receiver. I believe him in theory, just think he's leaving sumtin out, any thinkers

    Hooking into existing twin evaporators, remoting cond to roof top

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    I've done it.

    I had a customer that had a wine cellar in their basement, and did not like the look of a commercial condensing unit sitting outside their house. So, I basically did what the old timer is thinking. Took out all the 24v controls, put in a fan cycling, head pressure and low pressure control for pump down, and piped in a receiver. It worked well, although the room was kept at 55deg, not 35 as a walk in cooler would be. I was able to ge the proper superheat to the compressor, and as far as I know, the unit is still kickin.

    Would I recommend it in a commercial application? No.

    Even though you may need a 3HP condenser for a cooler.. there is a difference in the condenser sizes and air flow, as well as the compressor may not be designed to pull down that far. There can be quite a bit of difference in a Medium Temp and High Temp compressor.

    Just some food for thought.

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