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    Re: axes of evil

    Originally posted by lk

    ___is that glass on the ground?
    ______so that's why firemen have axes!
    _________could they have gone under the BMW just as easy/fast?
    ____________OK, OK, they wanted to make a point!
    _________________1 number 3 letters 3 numbers
    _________________that looks like a xxxxxxxxxx plate

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    perfectly legal to blow out some dickheads window - My buddies a fireman and they can will and have done that many times - serves the dick right for parking next to a hydrant my buddy has done that a couple of times - they never unhook their hoses for a long time and the cops write a couple of tickets then the tow truck hooks them up- no drop even if the owner is there.

    JUst don't park in front of hydrants people - The best tool bags on the market - The offical tool bag of choice by techs everywhere

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