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    Went in to apply for a job today. To make the story short, a lot of jobs in FL. are paying by the job. not all but some. ok , a lot more... but what are the pros and cons ? They call it piece work. if you see this post on another thread please forgive me. Im trying to get a lot of imput on this topic.

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    I never tried paying by piece work...... maybe I should have. I can see the advantages and disadvantages. Now I guess it works if its a 2 way street but I can see where it is a mess if the employee or boss is trying to screw each other.

    I guess the way things are anymore it would probably end up being a negative in a lot of cases...... just like the post lately about a boss not paying over 10 minutes travel. If he was screwing the employee there , Im sure he would be screwing you on an install paying by piece work.

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    where are you trying what part of south west fla

    i might have a lead for you
    once you think you've seen it all
    I would rather work for free than be look upon as a thief!!!!!

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    Piece work sucks for both the boss and employee.

    Employee: straight forward install, plenty of room and easy access vs tight attic space, 150 deg, over 10 trusses and equipment barely fits through anywhere.

    Employer: need to fully inspect every job inside and out for defects. two months down the road the duct work falls apart he either eats the repair or back charges the employee

    Personally I rather work by the hour, the boss and the employee both know about how long it'll take. The employee won't be in such a hurry that he takes shortcuts causing problems down the line.

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    Piece work and quality don't go hand in hand in HVAC.
    If everything was always done "by the book"....the book would never change.

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    The Wall Of Shame is loaded with piece work projects.
    If you are getting paid say $400 labor per install on a 5 ton system (duct work and all), in a 2000 sq. foot house that would take 2 guys normally 3 days. I'll betcha it gets butchered in, in a day or less.
    "The boss forgot to order that transition".
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    almost all new home including my own home is done by a company who pays there wokers piece rate.. i have to start to check for some problem down the road i was told.. so i guess i have to look for a company to work for that pays by the hour..but my question is why some peaple prefer to work for piece rate?

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    Originally posted by green_apprentice
    but my question is why some peaple prefer to work for piece rate?
    The ones that don't care about quality and can make more money cause they're done quick.
    Everytime a homeowner of a new house has concerns about a heating/cooling system that a contractor did, he can never get a return phone call from the builder/ subcontractor.
    Thats usually what I hear when I do service on newer houses.
    Every new house I see, the ducts are all undersized.
    Neat work and zoned, but undersized ductwork. Anyway they can save money and squeak by the inspections they will.

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