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    Confused do you think i was right and do you consider this a recall

    i recently ran a call at a chain store that we all know. it was for ac no cool in the back room/office. there is two reach in coolers, 1 reach in freezer, 500 lb ice machine also some computers a dishwasher and hot water heater. there are to 5 ton systems at this store. one does only front of the house and 1 is split between the front and back. there are 2 16 in flex returns 1 in the back and one out front. there are 2 12 in supply ducts in the back room and 3 16 in supply ducts out front. originally when i went out i found they had a lightsat that was in holdback because they had books in front of it. for those unfamiliar with these they sense light and when the lights are off they go to unoccupied mode.
    as soon as i removed the books the system came on and had a 20 degree td. went to roof and system was operating properly. i left the call open as i knew i had to come back for maintenance the next day. when i arrived the system was still at 81 degrees but also still running. i closed a supply damper in the front room to push air to the back and preformed regular maintenance.all checked ok. i reccomended that we do a heat load calculation to determine how many cfm of air is need to cool this area.and told them we would be back to do this. today while on another service call i was called and this room was at 96 degrees. another tech ended up out there and he found the condenser fan off due to blown run cap thus the ompressor was cycling on head prerssure. so long story short i got ripped a new one by this tech saying i didnt do it right and there is no problem with ducts. when i was on pm i looked and all looked good cap was not blown at that time and everything was running. just give me your opinion and be honest.i hate getting recalls and this will bother me for weeks. should i have done something diffrent.

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    I'd say that stuff happens.
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    well happens.

    did you take pressures? SH, SC,? let say you did and everything was fine. Then you have nothing to stress.

    I log everything i do, if i take readings i log it, log OA temp, whatever. so if i get questioned i pull the pad out.... Someday that will happen to the other tech, we all step in burnt compressor oil from time to time.

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    It is a man made devise that is prone to failure at an undetermined time.

    Maybe the other tech has a crystal ball, I never got mine.
    Can someone please explain to me -
    Why is there never enough time to do it right the first time, but plenty of time to do it twice?

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    So did the unit cool the space after he got the condenser fan running? If it did, I would say you didn't spend enough time checking the unit to notice the cond fan not running, or the other tech did more than just replace the capacitor. But everyone misses things from time to time and if we spend too much time on a call, we get our butt chewed.

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    Well run capacitors being electrical componants just like a light bulb. Its the inrush of current is what usually kills them. You turn on the light one day it works, you turn it on the next day it burns out in a quick flash. Capacitors and motors are really no different, its just a matter of timimg.
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    I think I would have focused on the Mechanical side of the system not so much on the duct work etc. initially. I don't know if you verified all compressors and condensor motors are were operable, or if your system pressures were good but I would of checked these first.
    We know stuff can happen anytime , but you probably had a condensor motor problem but missed it by not being as thorough as you could of been.
    Start with the mechanical/electrical side and work your way out to the peripherals.

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    The other tech ripped you a new one? It's not his place to do that. If he was bustin' your balls, well that's a different story. A callback once in a blue moon isn't going to kill anyone. When it starts happening all the time, you need to reevaluate your diagnostic procedures.
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