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    I live in greater Metro atlanta area. Quote to install the Rinnai unit outside is 500$ less than to install inside.

    What are the issues with mouting the unit outside?

    Any good contractors recommended in this area?


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    It's cheaper to mount outside because there is no vent pipe to run just a special vent kit. There is an out door mounting box that is used to protect from the elements and vandels. If you are in a region that has the potential for freezing there is a installation procedure to insure against freezing the heater. Other than that they are great units that have great potential to provide hot water upon demand and not waste energy keeping water hot when it's not needed.
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    By mounting outside, as mentioned, you avoid venting issues, as well as condenstae drain issues through the structure. Existing tank unit vents can't be used for tankless... they require stainless steel, etc. that I, as a homeowner, only know due to experience, not the "details."

    See this thread:

    wmyounger there lives in your area and could help you as a homeowner with contractor ideas, I would bet.

    I would encourage you to investigate Takagi too... from Japan and used worldwide.

    Here's a good commercial site for all kinds of unit info on Takagi:

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