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Thread: Robo??????

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    I have a friend from Lexington, NC, which nobody has ever heard of. When asked, she tells people it's halfway between Horneytown and Climax. And it is.

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    Intercourse and Blue Ball are not far from Paradise. Every couple of miles in any direction there is a different little burg, town, burrough, ville or other bump in the road.

    I myself live in what is called Truce, but the Post Office is New Providence (only on my side of the road, the other side of the road mail is delivered from Rawlingsville) but everyone knows the area as The Buck even though the actual closest town is Quarryville. Quite a confusing state.

    A good example is this place;

    This place is a couple of fields behind my house and about a half mile by road. While dead in the middle of The Buck, it has a Quarryville address but a Lancaster PO Box. Of course it is just down the street from Providence Chrysler/Jeep and has a sign for Providence on the road in front of it.

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    So always seek the Truth, not just what you want to believe to be true…
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