I pull into the parking lot, after a long drive thru the country roads leading into Arkansaw.
I phone "monitoring" to log in. After the usual long wait, I hear a live voice... so I go all animated on the guy saying I thought they'd all gone on vacation or somethin.

He laughs and says: "Phew, I'm sure glad it's you Bob, I was afraid it was another one of them store people callin in to report trouble!"
He went on to tell me how delluged they were with "stupid stuff" the store personnell phone in about.

I asked him why they dont simply check the breakers and switches themselves before calling in, saying something is broke down.

He says: "They're so blind, they couldnt find a switch if it was blinking in their face!"

I said: "You should have stripes on the floor, leading people from the front service desk to where ever you need to have them go."

He said: "then we'd need to have lines showing them the way to the bathroom!" WITH instructions on the wall in front of them explaining HOW TO PEE in the toilet!"

So we're both laughing right about now and he goes on to tell me that Ray Charles could even find the problems they usually call in about in the stores!!!

true story.