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Thread: Back home safe!

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    Well my flight landed at Bradley around 1:15 this morning and I got home around 3:15.

    I had a nice trip, did everything I wanted to do, and staying that extra day was nice. Got to see everyone I wanted to seee, and man I had one hell of a 4th of July........almost TOO good....I spent $420 on FIREWORKS! I knew I went nuts, but when I got home and tallied up the money I had spent on everything, I spent 420 freaking dollars on them!

    Sure had a good time though.

    Had some delays in Chicago because of storms and stuff. The origional flight I was supposed to be on to Chicago was delayed until 8 last night (Was supposed to leave at 5:30) but they got me on an earlier flight that was supposed to leave at 2PM that was also delayed, so I got on that flight and took off about the same time my original flight was supposed to take off. So, I was able to make my connecting flight.

    So tomorrow, it;s back to work!

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    Yada Yada Yada. Now get back to work.

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    It's great to go back home, I just got back and it also was great!!
    Now as mattm say's "GET BACK TO WORK" ya bum!!

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