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    Outdoor reset controls the boilers water temp based on teh temp outside, so you don't heat the water up hotter then needed.
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    How many times must one fix something before it is fixed?

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    Your circa 1988 WM boiler is fine, assuming it's been serviced regularly, has had the tankless gasket changed probably routinely, and never been turned off (cold) for extended periods of time. I believe your model is the 66 or 68 series, and an ugly grey in color. If so, it's a real efficient model, durable, and could easily have another 20 yrs left in it. Installing a new boiler, just to have something new, will never pay back the cost of the initial installation when you have the relatively 'young' cast iron boiler already.

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    Yes, the grey color! The system uses an aquabooster. Does the coil still need the gasket changed? It has never had it done.

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