Hello my name is Weldon, I am a heavy equipment technician (earth moving) and have been for the last 12 years. For the last 11 years I have had a A/C tech that handled all the A/C work for myself and others. That was great as I didn't have to mess with "that" stuff. I have recently transferred to the Agriculture Dept. and now have no A/C guy to save my bacon so I am here looking to soak up all I can. I got my MVAC 609 class last year but I didn't really get as much seat time trouble shooting problems I would have liked.

My skills are mostly electronics (GPS guidance, automatic controls etc) but I am equally skilled at hydraulics, flow/pressure, complex valving and controls etc. but I just don't have the confidence when diagnosing A/C systems.

I am going to be getting the Digi-Cool AK-900 ASAP as I want to focus on the fundamentals instead of blinding guessing at pressures like I see other techs do here.

Thanks for letting me in!