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    Well for one on replacing the furnace now it will get the 10 year part warranty that comes with the xl outdoor unit if you replace it seperatly it only has a 5 yr warranty ,unless you purchase a 10 yr part and labor warranty ( highly recommend)

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    Ok let's say you install the condenser and coil that your contractor suggested. You woul have 10 year parts and coil warranty and 10- 12 year compressor warranty with the XL model. 12 year compressor warranty might not be the case since just changing out the coil and condenser? I have never installed a XL model with just the coil due to not being able to get but 14 seer max. And that only applys on very few.

    Now let's say you go ahead a replace the entire system... Furnace, coil and condenser. You would then have 10 year parts and coil warranty and 12 year compressor warranty. This would be what I would do. Even if your pulse furnace is working ok right now as other have said it might go out in a month, year, 3 year etc... Then you have to replace the Furance and more then likely will cost more $$$ at that time then now when installing it as a complete system!

    Ask your contractor about the special fin. 36 months no interest, 5.9 % or instant rebate on a complete system that Trane has avaiable on complete systems. It ends on June 14th FYI! If you do choose to go with the complete system it will need to be a variable speed furnace such as XV 80, XV 95 furnace with a Trane t-stat to qualify. In my area the 36 months has been popular to help with the cost of the new install and pay no interest.

    Also make sure the equipment gets registered either by you or your installer. Ask about 10 year labor warranty As well as a option that would give you 10 years of protection/peace of mind that if a repair is needed to your new system that it will be covered and no out of pocket expense to you.

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    Ok, took the advice here and replaced the Lennox furnace as well. System is as follows. It was installed today.
    Heat Pump - 4TWX5030BI000AA (XL15I)
    Furnace - TUH2B060A9V3VAC (XV95) variable speed 2 stage
    Coil - 4TXCB042BC3HCBA
    Thermostat - TCON802AS32DA (outdoor temp sensor installed propane to come on at 35*)

    Does this setup appear to be a compatable match?

    I do have a question about the thermostat. I have 8 wire Tstat wiring. I thought I read that you needed 2 aditional wires to run seperately from the outdoor sensor to the tstat to operate correctly. Any help or suggestions woul be appreciated.

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