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    what's up everyone i have just a couple questions for starting this career first can you get into commercial from the start or should you do residential first for experience second which one is better to go through to eventually get into comm refrigeration sheetmetal union or pipefitter union. thanx a lot

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    white pages look for steamfitters or sheet metal workers local. take the test (over and over again) pray

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    I think you will get differant opinions on that. I started out comercial , industrial , union. Thinking about it over the years it would have been nice just to do residental for about 6- months to see things on a small scale so I would have had a little better idea of what a system really looks like.

    That may sound kind of funny but when I started out , I had no clue what a heating and cooling system really consisted of. I honestly think it would have been easier seeing the small scale first then on so large a scale it didnt make any sense to me at first.

    Now I will agree with what most will say...... the residental wont pay what the comercial and industial will unless you have your own shop, and that is the same story at owning a shop too ...... more money in the big stuff but more risk too.

    As far as non-union or union...... I really dont think it makes that big a differance othe then union probably has better training. Im sure the hardcore union guys will be ranting union is the only way to go, but thats just an opinion and boths sides are going to lean more in the direction they went.

    Personally I would lean any direction that gets your foot in the door. Who knows what the market will be 10 years from now and what someone claims is the best way now may be totally wrong for the future.

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    go to med school. if you have a callback you can charge even more.

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    It's going to vary from person to person.

    I started off knocking tin on bigger commercial jobs.. sure got used to them 4 10 hour days, being at the same place for months. Then off into the residential years later, seems like we're done with houses before you even have a chance to get started!

    Service wise I like the tedious stuff, and the big commercial stuff tends to lean more that way. Residential (for the most part) is much more simple.

    I also say go for who ever you can get your foot in the door. Try it out and then switch to the other side and try that. If you're lucky maybe you can hook up with a company big enough that does them both so you can get both sides easier.
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