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    Quote Originally Posted by glennac View Post
    Well if you want the background to qualify to take the test for your state professional HVAC contrator's liciense then I suggest you figure out how to get your schooling at your local college. Thank you very much
    I will figure it out. It is just a little frustrating that I cannot get into all the classes I need, when I want them. Embrace the challenge...right ?

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    Found that some manufacturers link coop ad payments to NATE certification for techs. This seems to be the impetus for contractors to get NATE, not public demand. I have 7 nate certs myself....

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    I got 6 NATE's myself. Employer put up the classes and paid for the testing for all of us. It looks good on a resume and guys that have these qualifications usually mean business. Career techs not just a job to them. I think it's important to know actually what's going on inside a system not just how to replace the parts. The tests are tricky though. They'll try to throw you off. I guess what I'm trying to say is it's not the end all be all of A/C, but it is nice to have

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