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    Is there any company out there that wants service techs that are eager to learn and willing to learn and do things right and evaluate there techs so they know what they know and just assume because they have years of experience they know what there doing. Im frustuated with companies thinking because someone has 20 plus years of expereince they know what there doing. I think experience is great but its what experience youve had if you start out on day one doing things wrong and twenty years later your still doing them wrong whats that experience worth. Ive been in the business for 9 years and i have alot to learn the difference between me and some is im willing to learn more and want to learn more i want to know everything. If i dont know i look it up or ask questions. I work in a state where we dont have to be liscened or pull permits or nothing. Its frustrating when you try do things the right way and people look at you like your crazy. I just wish more people took more pride in there work and enjoyed what they do. I like what i do but also want to work for a company that rewards employees for doing things the right way and they let the technicians be a tech. Thanks

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    where are you located?

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    Check out and go to the links page to find a local union hall in your area free life time training all you need is the willingness to learn.

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    ac by jay inc. scottstdale arizona. 480-922-4455. hot rich people live here. paid training. good $$$ only great techs. overtime? as much as you want. as a svc tech were else would you be? the hottest place makes sense to me. check it out.

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    right, here! in the heartland of the homeland!

    good post and reply

    must be summer time,
    im ready any relocation benes anyone, or temp housing included or assistance<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<<? ready to rock and roll next week!

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