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Thread: I Finally Quit

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    Originally posted by tech_support007
    After years of drinking excessively, I finally threw in the towel and gave up drinking. I am now on my third day of sobriety. Man I am in pain, I have a head ache, I havent eaten anything, my stomach hurts. I swear, I hope I never have to go through this ever again. The reason I have brought this to the site is because I am in need of prayers.

    Thank You,


    You still there? Doing ok? Changed your mind? Happens.

    But, you took the first step, do some research, start with:

    I drank every day since I was 18. Where I was at in the Army, that's all we did, wasn't much else to do. The Army made it easier too by putting a small bar with pool table and juke box in the barracks. Kept us out of trouble in Baumholder.

    Drank beer every day after that for the next 25 yrs. God, I wish I had the money I left at the bars. And I could have avoided the troubles that ensued due to drinking, but that's in the past.

    Finally, I got help. Vet Hosp Treatment program after DWI. Should have had dozens but I had just one on record.
    Went to AA too. Don't go now, 15yrs later but if I feel the need, I know where they are.

    So, you need to know that you can't handle this by yourself, no one can. Get the support of non drinkers. Check out various AA groups till you find one you like. Stick with it, they seem dull and boring at first (?) but that changes. Find non alcoholic functions to attend or go to.

    Quitting allowed me to change the path I was heading on. One that led nowhere and was full of dead ends and pot holes. Quitting was the best thing for me and my family. We are still together but had I not quit, I would have become a dead beat dad. Even now, I may not be the best dad or the best neighbor or friend, but I am a sober one who thinks of more than himself.

    You can make it. Might take a few trys but you can do it.

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    Good luck Tech. If your drinking has become so bad that you're going through withdrawls you need help and support.

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    Good luck and hang in there Tech. I know this isnt much help
    but as a kid I heard this saying and to this day I have never taken a drink not even a beer " If the drunkard had never took his first drink would the drunkard have ever got drunk." Made sense to me, also in my twentys I was a cop for 8 years and what I saw from the results of drinking just pushed me that much more away from it. Hang in there you can do it.
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    Originally posted by kritic
    Good luck and hang in there Tech.
    drinking never made me feel any better...always worse

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    Re: I did the same at Christmas.

    Originally posted by spotts
    Quit for months. This book was a lifesaver. Made sence of what I had done, how I got there and how I fix it. I can actally drink beer again in moderation. Never whiskey again. If you would like, I will lend
    you the book, but I want it returned someday so I can re-lend it. Get some O'Dules........

    BTW...... Alot of AA advice here. This book explains why AA has such a high failure rate, and how to avoid failing.....
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    Good luck Tech

    Keep checking back here for support and find a local AA chapter.

    I recently cut way back on my drinking habit and feel a hell of a lot better for it.

    Not only Myself but those around me appreciate it as well.
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    The First day I decided to quit I went to an AA meeting which was on Saturday and have been to 4 since. I found that there are a lot of people in these meetings that have it worse than I will ever have it. I have not hit rock bottom yet but I see if I continue to drink, its not far away. I am 20 lbs under weight, I have high blood pressure, I just personally thought it is time. sunday, i told my wife that I was attending these meetings, and her reactions were "I think thats great you are getting involved in our community by volenteering to help others." I told her "no honey, I am going because I think I have a problem." She, was a little shocked, I was able to hide it really well.
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    Don't know if you like to read or not, but this book comes highly recommended from some who have successfuly quit:
    Drinking: A Love Story, by Caroline Knapp
    Best of luck to ya.

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    The fact that you decided you want to quit means your half way there. Stick with AA, and get your wife to go with you so she understands what going through, her support is important. I'm hoping she doesn't drink and is against your stopping.

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    Hey Tech. This is something you can do. Forget the twelve steps. There is only one you need to do. Every day you wake up in the morning and look in the mirror and say " Today I don't drink". If you just take it one day at a time you will succeed. Just today, don't worry about tommorrow or next week, just today.
    You will win. Today you will have a strong resolve.
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    Good luck Tech, I'm glad you saw it before things god bad for you and your family. I'll repeat what has been said already and that's to keep comming here for support when you need it!!


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    Congratulations for making the decision.

    Alcohol is dehydrating to the body. Many of alcohol's withdrawal symptoms come from dehydration. Drink water to rehydrate yourself. Stay away from caffiene products like coffee and cola until you are past the withdrawal symptoms and are rehydrated. Caffiene products are also dehydrating. When your urine is almost colourless, you are properly rehydrated. You'll probably notice your dry lips aren't so dry anymore, and your itchy skin isn't so itchy. Build up your water consumption slowly, don't just dump it down yourself - the "8 glasses a day" suggestion doesn't hold for everyone and can be harmful to many people, including recovering alcoholics. Most bottled water is sold in quantities much larger than 8 oz, so bear that in mind.

    Best wishes to you.

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    Prayers sent up for you. Been sober for 21 yrs. Everyone is different about this and what works for some may not work for others. We all do have 1 thing in common of course and to me time is not a cure. Good Luck
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