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    the outside sensor works with either totaltouch/climatouch

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    thank you for the prompt reply, i got the parts house holding one for $75, not too bad for such a nice stat.

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    Following this discussion I have a question or two for the pros.

    I have a lennox high efficiency gaz furnace (2-stage) and a goodman heat-pump.

    I was looking at the Honeywell 8321u1006 and it seems to do everything except wash the car. :0

    The goodman system was installed with a mickey-mouse non-programmable TStat that identifies filter useage, humidity, exterior temp etc.

    What are my choices for Tstats, programable, for my set-up.

    Does the TS tell the furnace when to operate in which stage?
    What logic coordinates the heatpump/furnace control at the crucial temp (-15c)?

    What tests can joe-layman like me do to verify the installation?

    Can I install this thermostat myself?

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    What area of the country are you in? Which heat source is the cheaper one to run as your primary when considering costs of gas and elec. in your area for your temp range? The visionpro you're looking at will control stages with pretty good flexibilty as far as your options for different set-ups.
    There's some nice options you can do with the optional outdoor temp sensor. Did you download the installers manual from Honeywell web-site? You can control what outdoor temps to "lockout" aux heat and compressor at high and low ambients. So, there is some real flexibilty for set-up.

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