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Thread: Return Location

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    It's going to cost you in money, comfort, mental state, who knows what else.
    Maybe after you move in and try to add returns you'll get to fix other holes in ceiling where someody falls through.

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    As it turns out, I went through the house last night and saw that they put a return in the master bedroom. I can live with that. The 4th bedroom is an office/guest room, and I can keep the door open. The other two bedrooms are for small children, and their doors will be open for at least the next 6-7 years. I'll revisit the returns in their room later on. Some battles are not worth fighting, especially when you are building a whole house. What bothers me though, is the return trunk line runs right over the kids' bedrooms, and it would have been a simple matter to drop the returns in their rooms, especially after I said that I would pay extra for them to do it.

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    I have "near ceiling" and "near floor" returns in the wall of most rooms. The upper return is open in summer and the lower return is opened in the winter. If the upper is closed, the lower is opened and vice versa. The returns have very nice manual actuators on them. The stud space is used for the return area, so it only means changing from a grill to a register.

    Comfort level is greatly improved with the upper/lower return system. In a lot of cases the AC doesn't run continuously, but rather used when sleeping becomes uncomfortable. I think the upper return helps cool the room off faster i the summer. It's been like that for 40 years. I like it.

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