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    (Review) Amprobe ACD-51NAV Clamp meter

    I just recently purchased a amprobe ACD-51NAV clamp meter from for $203.15. This meter replaced my 1 yr old tpi clamp meter that did not accuratly take ohm readings any longer. So far I am overall satisfied but in my opinion it does have some downfalls. After about a week of use this is what I have concluded:

    Backlight- You can either turn it on or off in the powerup settings, however in the ON posistion in only stays on for around 10 seconds after selecting a function, I would like to see the option of increasing this time or turning it on for infinity. I was thinking I would not need the backligt, however actually using the meter in the field, I need it alot, the display without the backlight is kind of dark.

    Beeps- It beeps everytime you rotate the dial or press a button, it also beeps when taking ohm readings unless you select ohm with the nav key, which takes more time.

    Location of Leads- I dont know why both fluke hvac meter and this amprobe meter the leads come off the bottom. This is a big turndown for me because it makes it hard and bulkier to wrap leads around the meter, maybe thats what they were going for, I dont know. Also the leads do not press in very tightly, which allows the leads to back out slightly and appear to be connected but not. I figured that out while ohming a new ignitor I was installing off my truck, which it indicated open.

    Clamp- The clamp is obviously much beefier than my previous tpi, hopefully making it last longer. However, because it is larger, it is difficult to work in tight locations.

    Temp Sensor- It uses an adapter to plug into the bottom of my meter, will probably never use this function because of that. My tpi you could plug a standard k-type couple into the meter on the front.

    Leads- The included leads are not high end, I have replaced the with flukes that I have had which are more flexible in the cold.

    Battery Life- It seems that I will be using quite a few batteries compared to my previous meter.

    Warranty- From what I have gathered, fluke owns amprobe now, and I understand amprobe is a good company. This meter has a one year warranty which is less than most warranties from other brands. Hopefully I never need it but who knows. My tpi is under warranty but after calling tpi I was told because its related to the clamp, they will not repair it as it has been abused. They did not even look at it.

    Overall, I know I listed alot of cons, but keeping in mind I am pretty picky when it come to tools. I like this meter better than the fluke, however I might consider replacing it with a fieldpiece down the road. It is nowhere near a bad meter, just will take time getting used to it.

    As far as some pros:

    Functionality- It appears to do everything a HVAC technician should need plus much more.

    Quality- It feels good in my hand and seems to be built well. The clamp is sturdy.

    Cost- Its not cheap, but for what it does I think it is a well priced meter.

    I hope my opinion on this meter can help someone make a good choice. I am not trying to deter anyone away from this meter as I think it definitley has a place in our field and it seems to be a good meter.


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    I have the same meter, and I do like it, but the backlight only staying on for that short 10 seconds or whatever it is sucks.
    Also I wish I would have purchased the AC/DC-54, I guess I didn't realize how important DC amperage is at that time.
    I now own a Fluke 87v and use the Amprobe on resi A/C calls.

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    Fritz bought one so you know it must be good.
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    Okay, I am actually going to be returning this to (Great Customer Service), I have purchased a Fieldpiece SC56 that will hopefully work better for me. My meter is a tool I use on every call and the amprobe has been bugging me more and more. I was not happy with their email response to some questions I had which took multiple day to reciev:

    The meter does not allow for the adjustments you were asking about. I have forwarded your comments over to the engineering group for consideration.

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