Hey all, I'm working on a Mr. Slim heat pump and the code p8 is coming up on the stat.

Model numbers PUH18EK

The unit will run sometimes for ten to fifteen seconds then shutdown. Then it will run for three minutes or so and cool ok then shutdown with the the p8 code. I found some some problems when I opened the condenser. The cap is weak and only putting out 22mfd when it should be 30. Also the voltage going to the unit is 208 and the transformer was hooked up for 230. I corrected the voltage issue but did not get to the cap because it looks special. I did not have much time to play with it but I noticed while it was running the liquid line started freezing up. When I put my gauges on it the pressure on the high side was around 160. I know these things are a different animal from what I usually work on. Looking for some advise on what could be the problem. I will post some pics in a few.

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