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    Originally posted by Diceman
    Yeah, things ain't the same as they normally are.
    Economy is not good, no matter what Fox news tells you.
    Yeah, should have expected that from a liberal democrat..

    Gas prices aren't that bad

    War? What War?

    National debt we owe to people that hate us..No problem

    I thought you were going to bed...

    "Value our Differences"

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    Lancaster, Pennsylvania


    It's slow here in Lancaster also. People are not spending money like they used to. Installs are dead in the water and service is only when customers need it. I think the people who are paycheck to paycheck are hurtin'.
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    Yes it's true that the ecomy is not as good as it should be, too much uncertain with everything going on overseas. The saving graces I have is not only yhe full time job but mainly it is florida and 95 deg heat everyday. I am sure some of the larger companies around here are struggling to keep there guys working but those are the breaks. It seems it goes this way in cycles and the next couple of years will be rebuilding years. I do have a friend in Delray that is looking for experienced knowledgable help (leaves me out) as all they can get is lazy undertrained parts changers. They are a 6 man shop and are working with only 2 plus an apprentice. Anyone interested call me.

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    It's the same here. I can't figure it out. It's like everybody's a/c's quit breaking down. I'm starting to wonder if there isn't some supernatural aspect to this. Maybe somebody we chased out of here put a voodoo curse on us.

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    Here in South Texas

    It is just a matter of time. But if our a/c unit goes down we want it fixed now. Sort of name your price to fix it. New installs are on a bid thing. Unless there in a hurry.

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    Getting back to this long thread (sorry guys, just frustrated) Loonie , and other small company owners, its a Sat. we have a heat wave finnally here in Boston, but only got one call last nite, one this morning, its a Sat. I know , but years ago also the ho would call get over here and fix my a/c what ever the cost not that way know. Do you guys think also there is more guys that are doing side work or trying the self employed thing and are really low balling everyone to get the job with the 13 seer. I gave a price out Weds. 20 year old Goodman cver broke fan fell in shattered blades, gave her a price on new h/p system Goodman, I swore I would never put in Goodman but the way things are I need the work, a/h in closet have to go up to 3rd. floor and thru condo, condenser on ground, gave her a price I thought she would be all over (3years ago I would almost make the same just replacing outdoor unit) she never called back. Heres the question to guys there are alot of van around here every 5-6th. vehicle is a work van mostly unmarked, maybee the trade s are becoming satuarted? Iam looking for suggestions to drum up business, like I said I have a good reputable co. honest, never had any problems last 3-4 years getting work or keeping busy, as I said what happend!!!!!!!!

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