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    May 2006
    Ive been own my for about 20 years , work has increased about 20% a year for the last 5 years last winter was very very slow because of mild winter. But this summer it didnt seem to kick back to a normal 70-90 hr. work week this has been somewhat slow alos not as bad as winter. I have the same amount of customers about 2,000 I advertise in yellow pagesone ad 1/4 page. I have 2-condo developements I do 400 condos each. Are you other gus (on the residntial end) real busy? I just joined a BNI Chapter in area you have a 1-1/2 hr. meeting every Weds. with 50 others in all lines of work blue/white collar and if there clients need someone in your line of work they will refer you. Its $295- for the year. Any info please.LIke I saisd I was always straight out all summer long, last summer had 2-weeks I hit just over 100 hrs.7-days. NO sometimes phone wont rinweather in Boston has been abou 78-85 a few humid days. no heat waves 2-days 90. Any info great.

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    I hear you dude.
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    No kidding. No install Friday, 1 tech voluntarily off as it would have been hard to drum up work for him. This week only have 2 installs all week for 2 teams and was hoping to use a couple of techs to install too. Last summer we were a month behind on cleans, usually 1-2 weeks out on installs. Part of the install issue is our prices. STEEP! But junior doesn't want to go down. He'd rather have few installs but fat commission checks than more installs but making a bit less on them

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    Im new to the feild..but in my area new construction has droped dead....and change outs (what I do) staedy but not the way old timers describe last few years....barly getting my 40 hours a week....we are a big shop with several crews and no one is getting much if any OT this year.

    I do not know if service department is cranking or not....they dont hang out with new construction and change out section....

    Some people blame economy...I think people are soooooo far in dept that theycant afford to do much...get ac aid repairs now and pray later.
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    Well in Houston, Tx. the a/c capital of the world were steady
    and paying the bills and hey if were doing that I would say were Blessed.
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    Weve got the same problem, were usually pumping 50-60 hr's a week right now. It's been down around 35-40, not too bad. Atleast the boss doesnt believe in laying anybody off, last week we re-landscaped the office building, planted five new trees and a couple other things, hey, its better then sitting at home and not making any money.
    Is it Friday yet?

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    Nice to see you appreciate your boss's make work efforts chevy. I have carried people through slow times before only to get screwed when I need them to do a little extra for me.

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    It isn't that way here, we are trying to keep up. With change-outs and AHS installs and up-grades we are busy.

    I ran till 8:15pm on call last night and started at 8:00am.
    Most of them were easy calls, had one Water Furnace that was acting up , but most were just small bandages only one open wound and it was Rheem D.O.A..... Sold him new condenser but, he wasn't answering phone this morning to get it installed. Guess he has gone to church..

    Hope yours picks up.. Have a great Summer..
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    We're busy but not exactly break neck busy... it's easy enough to keep ontop of things working 45 hours a week.

    My coworkers tell me they are by far busier than last year at this time (I've only been there a year). But other companies in town are right at 40 hours, not much extra. Housing around here in my eye's anyway is slowing down.

    Could be for an interesting fall/winter.
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    My situation is a little different then you guys. I have a normal job as a service manager for an apartment community but have and have had for several years a side business of about 100 houses/condos that I take care of their a/c and appliances. It's good extra income and great for my retirement (that's where my earnings go). This year not only have I service a few of them, I've done the cleaning/tune up on a good portion more and picked up 15 new accounts. Being that I work a minimum of 40 at my regular job I'd say since the first of the year I averaged an extra 10-15 hours a week doing the side work.

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    I try to make the best use of this time. Clean up trucks, re-stock inventory in shop and on vehicles. Check and clean up pumps, etc. Also use this time for teaching (and learning) with my techs and installers. Seems like for some reason there is a lot of resources to 'teach' from when we get busy. Wonder why that is? Got to make hay while the sun shines. All the best, John.
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    work hourse, but its weird been there done that. I used to work 4:00pm to midnite, and did it for 4-years full time then dropped down to 20hrs. a week then on my own totally Ive been totally on my own for 6years now, but the mild winter in new england lasts year kiiled all the residential guys, know the summer is not as good as it was, prior I swear I could name my price and get job, and its not I charge to much the phone hasnt been ringing as much, and I have about 2,000 customers, I know theres at least 10 new contractors this year, no liability, no license and no commercial plates. I went to Shaws and they hav e bulentin bord you can leave a card I dont, but I took 3-different cards and my father pointed it out the tel.3's were all the same but different #'s and if you call you get an answring machine with Brazilian speaking woman saying leave nam and #, also they claim to come out on weekends and after 4:00pm, and holidays no extra charge! Dont take it the wrong wy guys but it gets me when I have to spend $3,000 liabiliy, $25/$100 comp. yellow page ad 275, cell $250, answering service $200/month and $1,500 month to keep van on road and get beat up by I guy working out of station wagon. But like I said I was busy as hell last at least 6 plus years what happened to the work

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    Yeah, things ain't the same as they normally are.
    Economy is not good, no matter what Fox news tells you.
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