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    I'm a homeowner, and I've received contradictory opinions from 2 air conditioning professionals about what I need. My situation is that our furnace has a coil unit that was installed 3 years ago. Around the same time, we had our condenser unit removed, and so we've been without A/C since.

    We now want to get a new condenser and get our A/C going again. One guy said our coil was rated 10 SEER, and that new regulations called for condensers to be rated 13 SEER or higher, but that he could probably find us a 10 SEER condenser. The other guy said our coil was rated 2.5 tons, and that this would be compatible with a 14.5 SEER condenser which he recommends. Both cost estimates were in the same general ballpark, so that's not the issue. The issue is that I want to purchase a condenser that's matched properly with our coil, and that will give us the optimum performance and efficiency.


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    You need to post the model & Ser # on the existing coil and furnace.

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    go with the better seer rating if the price is the same. You will bee limited somewhat by the 10 seer coil, but I would choose the better seer condenser

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    I don't know if this is enough information, but here's what I could get readily off the labels I could find.

    Furnace: Lennox G26 (installed 2002)
    Coil: Lennox C33-30B-2, serial 6001J09448, "Refrigerant R22 or R410A", "Max. design pressure 450 PSI" (installed 2002)

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    The Lennox AC13-030 is rated at 13 SEER using that coil. The XC15-030 rates out at 13.50 so not worth the considerable extra money.

    The only way to have a matched system at peak efficiency & performance is with a rated outdoor unit. If neither are proposing Lennox, then you will have a mismatch and will have no idea who well or how efficient their unit will work with that coil. So you should buy only a Lennox.

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