Hey everyone. I found this forum via a Google search and figured I would ask my question(s) here after some searches. Searches didn't seem to get me what I was looking for or I just don't know the lingo to type in.

I wrote down what I could find on my main thermostat and here's what it says:

Furnace 58CVA090--
A/C 2 STG 24APA748A
ZONE 1 2 3
Software Version CESR131339-16

Duct Assessment
Living Room/Kitchen (Zone 1) 47%
Bedroom 2/3 (Zone 2) 22%
Upstairs (Zone 3) 20%
Damper Leakage 11%

Living Room/Kitchen (Zone 1) UI
Bedroom 2/3 (Zone 2) SS
Upstairs (Zone 3) SS

AC Status
Cool Stage: High Stage
CFM: 1344
Coil Temp: 96
Blower RPM: 1130
Static Pressure: 0.74

That's about all the useful information I could pull out of the advanced menu. I'm pretty limited on my knowledge of any of this stuff, so if you could dumb it down a little, I can Google the rest.

So...the issue...

The zone for Bedroom 2/3 (Zone 2) is not cooling at all unless the Living Room (Zone 1) is on. Even then, it cools pretty slowly. I talked to an HVAC friend of mine (he doesn't work on Carrier) and he thought that maybe the damper was open but since no air was moving, it wasn't cooling the room. He thought that the zone (Zone 2) might be set up as a slave of some sort but not communicating with the mains to tell it to kick on and push air into the room.

This being said, the zone in question (Zone 2) has some recording equipment in it so it does put off some heat. As you can imagine, it gets pretty warm when the AC doesn't run.

So...this being said, is this a setup issue? Installation issue? I'd like to get some thoughts before I call the people that put the unit in. That way I can kind of know a little of what I'm talking about and what the service guy is going to recommend vs what you guys recommend.

Thanks in advance.