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i dont like japanese technology. push this button 63 times oops i meant 64 times then hit this button and then check this.
thats how it goes when you call tech support. im not a fan. very efficent but a pain in the but to service. VERY TIME CONSUMING.
That is Daikin. For City - Multi you initiate " add refrigerant mode " ( or test run ) from your laptop inside the building. You then go to the outdoor unit and add the required refrigerant determined by the " Design Tool " program.

Another FEATURE of Mitsu is static addresses for each device on the network ( 02 is always 02 unless you change it ). Auto address used to be listed as a plus for Daikin , and it's really not automatic anyway , it's just more hassle . Then I get to call thier tech support and speak to Dave who then refers me to engineering. With Daikin VRV it seems you are always relying on some unknown.