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Thread: Charging Units

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    Charging Units

    I was just wondering how most guys charge a unit when there are no access valves on the liquid line. I'm talking about charging from a vacuum. I usually charge liquid through the discharge line and most of the time can get the entire charge in without starting the compressor. But I have charged vapor through the discharge line until it wouldn't take any more and then start the compressor to finish charging through the suction line. This take much longer, so I usually charge liquid. I have seen several guys do it the same way I usually do, but was just curious how the majority of people do it.

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    Charging liquid into the discharge is fine except with rotary compressors.

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    Usually since all the refrigerant is out of the system, I braze a tap into the liquid line.

    Otherwise if that isn't an option, I charge liquid into the discharge line.

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