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    Had a Three Stooges moment yesterday. Office gave me my last call about 2:30pm yesterday. Commercial package unit at a radio station. Hustled over thinking may need to get specific part before wholesalers close. No biggie- condenser fan motor. Call Graingers and they set it on "will-call". My dispatcher will send a helper to pick it up and deliver it to me. So I begin removing the fan leads then the cover...........notice the 4 screws are loose/stripped. Went to the van and got 4 bigger screws. DIND'T STOP AND THINK THAT THEY WERE ALSO LONGER. Parts guy arrives. Routine change out and test. As I begin to gather my tools and meters I ask him to button the unit up, mentioning tapping in the NEW screws. He got three in no problem. But guess what happened when he screwed in the last one? Hsssssssssssssssssssss! Yup, friday at 4pm and I'm not going home yet. Pulled the cover off, got the nitrogen and oxy-acet tanks, etc. Spot brazed, pressure tested, vacuumed down, charged and tested. Damn! Missed Happy Hour.
    meanwhile, back at the ranch.....

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    that sucks. Been there and done that. Always one or two a year that go that way. something keeps you from being done cause of a stupid oversight.

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    I haven't done that yet, but I used an Annie once to try to start a compressor, and that green ground wire from the Annie just happened to be laying against the side of the condenser.

    So when I powered up the Annie ......



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